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Consultations - support and concerns

 3 June 2008 - Gales Director Dr Stephen Segal holds a Public Meeting, Cudgen Leagues Club

  • Gales Director Dr Stephen Segal held a Public Meeting at the Cudgen Leagues Club on 3 June 2008 from 5:30 to 6:30pm, to discuss Gales Project on Exhibition including the Cudgen Lakes Sand Extraction Project, and Structure Plan for Kingscliff, Chinderah and Cudgen.
  • For a full size version of the flyer displayed below that was distributed to Shire residents, please click here: Public Meeting Flyer June 08


19 June 2007- Meeting with the Kingscliff & District Chamber of Commerce - support for the District Centre was unanimous

The Chinderah Districts Residents also expressed their support for the District Centre at Chinderah.

Overall there has been great support for Gales various proposals, however local residents at Cudgen had three principal concerns with the Project, namely:

  • groundwater with possible impacts on crops and/or livestock, either through increased salinity, loss of water supply or change in water quality;
  • acid sulfate soils with possible odour, red staining and fish kills; and
  • flooding and drainage with possible loss of crops due to flooding and impacts on local waterways.

Each of these, and other relevant environmental issues, have been addressed within the Environmental Assessment prepared for the Project (please click on 'Environmental Assessment' for further information).

17 December 2006 - Meeting with residents of Noble Park Estate - support for the District Centre was unanimous

Meeting was held with the residents of Noble Park Estate - support for the District Centre was unanimous.

August and September 2005
Discussions with local residents, landholders and a number of community groups and organisations were undertaken.

 Meetings and attendance notes


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