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Gales Masterplan August 2019 – click here. This Illustrative Masterplan was released at a presentation to the Kingscliff Chamber of Commerce Meeting on 20 August 2019. The final Masterplan that will accompany Gales Planning Proposal is expected to be substantially similar.

The Masterplan incorporates many specialty reports and builds upon Gales previous Masterplans and Council’s Kingscliff Locality Plan. Of particular importance are the flooding, biodiversity, and roads and traffic constraints and opportunities, and population, business and social infrastructure projections. 

For location and photos of Sugar Mill Park - truly unique urban parklands for Kingscliss– click here

The Masterplan provides a new road connecting Tweed Coast Road through Turnock Street to the beach, and relocates previously planned fill and development east of Tweed Coast Road to the west of Tweed Coast Road, near the future lake, leaving Sugar Mill Park - unique urban parklands - and the adjacent consolidated ecological conservation area stretching from Tweed Coast Road through to Quigan Street.

Please note:  If you would like to support Community use of Urban Rainforest and Parklands please email us at

Kingscliff Locality Plan (KLP), New Road into Kingscliff, Urban Parklands and Rainforest, Melaleuca

Old News

Note: News has not been updated between 2009 and 2017

28 April 2009 - Gales meetings with Tweed Shire Councillors and officers to discuss LEP 08

  • On 28 April 2009 Dr Stephen Segal (Gales Director), Gavin Johnson (expert town planner) and Dr Andrew Smith (expert ecologist) met with Tweed Shire Councillors and officers to discuss the proposed rezoning changes to Gales land envisaged in the LEP 08.
  • Gales objects to TSC attempting to rezone parts of Gales land to environmental conservation and industrial zonings, which are not based on proper studies.

19 April 2009 - Dr Harry Segal sends email to all Councillors and media concerning Gales purchase of the STP site

  • 'Rumors' regarding Gales purchase of the STP site, to Councilors & Media 19 April 2009 - Letter

26 February 2009 - On-site meeting with Tweed Shire Councillors and Gales representatives

  • On 26 February 2009, four Tweed Shire Councillors and some Council officers attended an on-site meeting with Gales representatives.
  • During the 2-hour meeting Council attendees were taken in a mini-bus and shown major parts of Gales land with explanations by Gales Director Stephen Segal.
  • This was the first time ever that Councillors had agreed to meet Gales representatives on-site, despite Gales many requests to do so over the past 10 years. Gales hopes that this represents a positive change for future relations with the new Council.

13 September 2008 - Harry Segal runs as an Independent candidate in the Tweed Shire Council local elections

  • For more infomation please see under tab 'Tweed Heart' campaign.
  • His campaign focused on reforms at Council and the new Shire Centre at the Hub of the Shire at the main Chinderah interchange. 
  • Harry Segal receied over 1,000 votes and the second highest number of votes 'below the line' but he did not succeed to get into the new Council.
  • When Harry's votes were distributed due to preference, his votes got Cr Phil Youngblutt over the line and into Council.  The final distribution of his preferences changed the expected councillors majority to conservative.

14 July 2008 - Gales plans to fill north and south of Turnock Street approved in Land & Environment Court

  • On 14 July 2008 the Chief Judge of the Land & Environment Court Preston CJ handed down his decision which approved Gales plans to fill north and south of Turnock Street , and approved Gales plans to retain significant amounts of habitat for the Wallum Froglet and the Mitchell Rainforest Snail.
  • The Court also approved a temporary haul road from Tweed Coast Road to the Turnock Street roundabout will Dr Segal said creates the possibility of a road following this path in the future, as wanted by a great majority of Kingscliff residents and shop owners.
  • This is the 13th win for Gales, in an unbroken record, in a series of court cases against Tweed Shire Council.   
  • Decision of the Land & Environment Court, with Gales highlight .
  • Article on Land & Environment Court decision, 'K'cliff land dispute 'over'', Tweed Border Mail.

Extract from Gales Structure Plan showing the future planned development around Turnock Street and
the area to the west.  The approval granted in the L&EC is for filling the area around Turnock Street (on
the right side of the Plan above), the maintenance of the Froglet Habitate Area (also 1ha south of Turnock
Street) and a temporary haul road shown above as 'Proposed Road Corridor'.

3 June 2008 - Gales Director Dr Stephen Segal holds a Public Meeting, Cudgen Leagues Club

  • Gales Director Dr Stephen Segal held a Public Meeting at the Cudgen Leagues Club on 3 June 2008 from 5:30 to 6:30pm, to discuss Gales Project on Exhibition and Structure Plan for Kingscliff, Chinderah and Cudgen. 
  • Over 120 people attended the Public Meeting.  An overwhelming majority expressed support for Gales' proposals.
  • For a full size version of the flyer displayed below that was distributed to Shire residents, please click here: Public Meeting Flyer June 08

23 May 2008 - Cudgen Lakes Sand Extraction Project Environmental Assessment on exhibition

  • The Cudgen Lakes Sand Extraction Project Environmental Assessment and supporting Specialist Consultant Studies Compendium was lodged with the NSW State Department of Planning in May 2008.
  • The Environmental Assessment is on public exhibition from Friday 23 May until 27 June 2008.  The reports can be viewed at
  • The Major Project Application was advertised by the NSW Department of Planning in the Tweed Daily News on 23 May 2008 Department of Planning Advertisement 
  • Further details can be viewed by clicking on the 'Cudgen Lakes Project' link.
  • The project involves:
    • extracting and processing up to 650,000 cubic meters of sand per year for up to 20 years;
    • transporting by road up to 300,000 tonnes of processed products per year;
    • transporting by 2 pipelines up to 450,000 cubic meters of fill sand per year to nominated fill sites in Kingscliff, Chinderah and Cudgen;
    • importing approximately 45,000 tonnes of virgin excavated natural materials (VENM) per year for processing and backfilling; and
    • progressively rehabilitating the site.

May 2008 - Tweed Shire Draft Urban Release & Employment Land Strategies on exhibition 7.5.08 - 6.6.08

  • On 22 April 2008 Council resolved to publicly exhibit the draft Tweed Shire Urban Release & Employment Land Strategy for a period of 28 days.
  • The Council documents can be viewed here:

  • The purpose of the strategies as stated on Council's website is to:"guide the future growth of urban land within the Shire in a controlled and sustainable way that meets the needs of the existing and future population. The strategies have a life expectancy of approximately 25 years and are to be implemented in accordance with Council’s adopted position on urban consolidation, that is, to maximise the potential of existing urban centres and appropriately zoned land as a prerequisite to any further release of land."
  • Gales is very concerned as the Employment Land Strategy recommends to zone the Chinderah site to "Industrial", thereby eliminating the possibility of a district centre at Chinderah, as wanted by 86% of Tweed Shire residents (see on this site District Centre - Surveys, Petition & Results).
  • For more information see Gales advertisement published in the Tweed Daily News 24 May 2008 (TDN Ad 24.5.08) and the Tweed Border Mail 29 Ma 2008 (TBM Ad 29.5.08)

31 March 2008 - 4 April 2008, 6 April 2008 Land & Environment Court hearing regarding filling around Turnock Street, preservation of Wallum Froglet and Mitchell Rainforest Snail

  • On Monday 6 April 2006, the Land & Environment Court hearing regarding filling land around Turnock Street concluded after a lengthy 6-day hearing.
  • The first day of the hearing began on the site at Turnock Street where the Chief Judge of the Land & Environment Court, Justice Preston, walked over the site in question, as well as viewed the Wallum Froglet and Mitchell Rainforest Snail areas that Gales proposes to protect and conserve as part of its plans.
  • The following 5 days of the hearing were at the Land & Environment Court in Sydney where expert ecologists, expert drainage consultants, geologists and town planners from Gales and Tweed Shire Council advised the Chief Judge on the merits and contentions of Gales proposal.
  • The result of the Court case is expected in the next month or two.

         Hist-frog.JPGThe wallum froglet is to be protected under Gales plans

January to Present 2008 - continuing major action in the Supreme Court of NSW over Council illegally filling in drains and causing flooding and damage to Gales land

  • The case concerning Tweed Shire Council illegally filling in drains and causing stormwater to flow onto Gales land, and causing flooding and damage is continuing.
  • Gales expects this to be a major case which will have important consequences for the Tweed Shire Council.

16 January 2008 - Harry Segal responds to claims by Carl Redman in Daily News

5 December 2007 - NSW Planning Minister The Hon Frank Sartor announces 'NSW Government to investigate West Kingscliff'

  • On 5 December 2007, the NSW Planning Minister Mr Sartor released a Media Release titled 'NSW Government to investigate West Kingscliff'.  The Media Release states:
  • 'Planning Minister Frank Sartor has begun the process of listing the West Kingscliff site in the Tweed Shire local government area as State Significant.'
  • Mr Sartor said: 'The site has the potential to generate significant social, economic and environmental benefits for NSW'.
  • For a copy of the Media Release, please click here.

November 2007  - Gales latest Structure Plan released

Click here a full size version of Gales Structure Plan.

23 November 2007 - Gales wins in the Land & Environment Court against Council's condition to fence off trees in cattle gazing case (L&EC 10775 of 2007) 

  • Council required a condition of consent to cattle grazing that Gales fence off the trees along the western and northern boundary of the STP lot. Council claimed that the trees were an Endangered Ecological Community and they needed to be fenced to protect them from cattle grazing.
  • Council had previously (in 1999) entirely cleared and woodchipped and laser levelled about 12 ha of trees and vegetation to the east for a commercial Turf Farm, and in 2006 had totally cleared all the trees to the west, leaving a narrow sparse band of trees on the east side of Tweed Coast Road on the old STP site opposite Chinderah Golf Course. Council totally cleared and woodchipped all the vegetation on land in its ownership, but claims that cattle grazing (Gales did not propose removal of trees) was damaging and the trees required to be fenced.
  • Gales challenged council's condition. Gales was successful, and each side had to pay its own costs.
  • Several Court hearings were involved for case L&EC 10775 of 2007 with barristers and solicitors, and Council's experts from the Tweed attended Court in Sydney.

 22 November 2007 - Article in Daily News 'Segal continues to fight for Kingscliff dream'

Click here for a full size version of the article.

16 November 2007 - Email Circular prepared by concerned ratepayers being distributed to public and State Members of Parliament

  • The following email is being distributed in the Shire and to State Members of Parliament.  It has been prepared by concerned ratepayers without Gales knowledge or input, but uses information obtained from this website.  While Gales does not agree with every statement, it is overwhelmingly accurate and informative.
  • Gales hopes that its distribution will inform the community about the history of the area, about Gales vision as summarized in Gales Structure Plan, and assist in overcoming the hostility at the Council and in achieving the best planning outcome for the Kingscliff region and the Shire. 
  • For a copy of the Email Circular, please click here.*

* NB: this document was circulated by the concerned ratepayers group in Word format, Gales has converted the document to PDF format for the purpose of uploading to this website.

November 2007 - Council agrees to pay Gales $9000 for Supreme Court proceedings (SC3557/07) in relation to STP area 2c

  • Council served a Notice on Gales that it would not decontaminate and remediate area 2c of the STP site at Chinderah.  The Deed of Call Option (January 2002) with Gales provided that Council must decontaminate and remediate this area unless to do so was prohibitive or impracticable.
  • Gales was forced to dispute the Notice in the Supreme Court. 
  • Council withdrew their Notice and Gales claimed costs.
  • Council agreed to pay Gales $8000 for the Supreme Court proceedings.

16 October 2007 - Gales wins in the Land & Environment Court against Council's refusal to allow cattle to graze on Chinderah land  (L&EC 10775 of 2007) 

  • On 16 October 2007 Gales succeeded in a Land & Environment Court appeal against Council's refusal to allow Gales to temporarily graze cattle on the former sewer treatment plant site at Chinderah, which Gales acquired from Council in 2005 and on which Gales proposes to build a district shopping centre.
  • Council argued that although the cattle gazing use was innocuous, it was not permitted under the current zoning.
  • Council's barrister told the Judge that this case was not just about cattle, but that Gales wanted to develop a district centre on this land.
  • The Judge was aware of that possibility, but nevertheless awarded the case to Gales.

  • "Gales win case against TSC - Segal warning as rezoning battle goes on", Daily News, 18 October 2007 - Article

  • "Segal has Council under siege", Daily News, 19 October 2007 - Article

September 2007 - Media Release in response to Council's News Release in The Local Newsletter Tweed/Banora Point

Harry Segal's Media Release 'Tweed Shire Council - Disastrous Losses' published in The Local Newsletter Tweed/Banora Point, September 2007 Issue in response to Council's News Release (August 2007) Harry Segal - media Release: Newsletter

 Harry Segal distributes Media Release 'Disastrous losses by Tweed Shire Council' in response to Council's News Release - Harry Segal - Media Release: Email Distribution 

Also attached to Media Release, Letter to the Editor, Gil May, Tyalgum, 13 August 2007, Daily News, 'Accountable to the ratepayers' - Letter to the Editor - Gil May

In the August 2007 issue of The Local Newsletter Tweed/Banora Point (distribution of 11,260 in the Tweed Shire), the Tweed Shire Council published a News Release titled: 'Council responds to misinformation in media about dispute with Gales Holdings' - Council's News Release *

* The text of Council's News Release was also as published as a Tweed Shire Council News Release on 4 July 2007 (the same as that published in The Local Newsletter August 2007).

3 July 2007 - Council's misleading article in the Tweed Link, and Gales response

In the 3 July 2007 issue of Tweed Shire Council's 'Tweed Link', TSC General Manager Mr Rayner made a number of incorrect and misleading statements in relation to Gales in the front page article titled "Land dispute has a long history".

  • "Land dispute has a long history", TSC Tweed Link, 3 July 2007 - Article

For Gales response, please see the following attachment:

  • Gales Information Release in respose to Tweed Link "Land dispute has a long history", 6 July 2007 - Information Release

5 July 2007 - Article on District Centre and comment from Gales Director Stephen Segal

  • "Shopping centre row Legal fears - Ratepayers face new court costs", Tweed Mail, 5 July 2007 - Article

25 May 2007 - Gales win in the High Court of Australia. Council's legal fees and costs estimated $1 million

  • On 25 May 2007 Tweed Shire Council was refused leave to appeal to the High Court of Australia  against the decision in the Court of Appeal concerning the rezoning of the Sewer Treatment Plant site.
  • Therefore, Gales appeal against the Council rezoning the site to ‘Industrial’ was successful.  The zoning reverts to the former ‘Sewer Plant’ zoning, and Council can now rezone the site to best uses.
  • Gales was awarded costs for the actions in the Land & Environment Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court.  Gales estimates that its own legal costs (which Council must now pay), and Council’s costs amount to about $1 million.
  • For articles on this case please click here.


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