District Centre - Retail Reports & Documents

Gales - Retail Reports & Documents

Gales commissioned retail studies:

  • JHD retail assessment report dated 18 February 2003 - Report
  • Ingham Planning letter dated 12 December 2003 - Letter
  • Ingham Planning report dated December 2003  - Report / Executive Summary
  • Dimasi retail report - Report
  • Ingham Planning report dated May 2004 - Report

Council - Retail Reports & Documents

Core Economics Council commissioned retail studies:

  • Core Economics Report No. 1 dated October 2003 - Report
  • Core Economics Report No. 2 dated November 2003 - Report
  • Core Economics Report No. 3 dated January 2005 - Report
  • Core Economics Report No. 4 "DRAFT" dated September 2005 - Report

Council resolution to have no new District Centre on the Tweed Coast dated November 2005 - Council Resolution

Department of Planning - Letters

Letter from the Department of Planning dated 26 July 2006 - DoP Letter
The Letter refers to Gales submission to the DoP of 20 June 2006 concerning the proposed sub-regional town centre at West Kingscliff (Chinderah) and advises Gales to further discuss the proposal with Council regarding the re-zoning of the site.

Letter from the Department of Planning dated 5 December 2006 - DoP Letter

Council plans for District Centre on Turnock Sreet

Tweed Shire Council plans for a 'District Town Centre' on Turnock St (Gales land).  Subsequently, in November 2005 the Council resolved not to have a new District Centre on the Tweed Coast - apparently based on the 4th 'draft' Core report which was the result of false information given to the consultant by Council. 

Gales believed that a District Centre on Turnock Street was not ideal (despite being on their land), and continues to fight for a District Centre at Chinderah.


TSCplans_DC_TurnockSt2.jpg TSCplans_DC_TurnockSt3.jpg


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