The Vision of Gales-Kingscliff

Click here for an overview document of Gales-Kingscliff vision.

Gales vision for its landholding focuses on a balanced approach to developing a range of civic, commercial, retail, residential, recreational and environmental projects.

Gales land has been identified by Council and others for a District and Bulky Goods Centre at Chinderah, extensive open space and recreation, high density residential development, critical road networks including direct road access to Kingscliff, regional sports fields,
significant sand resource as well as community services and facilities.  Each of these elements is discussed below. 

Structure Plan for Gales-Kingscliff

Balanced development is underpinned with a carefully prepared structure plan.

“The identified Structure Plan for West Kingscliff provides locational opportunities for a major hospital, major recreational facilities, a major passive park, cinemas, commercial and retail uses, community facilities and all the needs of the region of Tweed Shire south of the Tweed River.”  Ingham Planning 12/2003,  presented to DIPNR.

Click here a full size version of Gales Structure Plan (November 2007).

Structure Plan developed by Gales-Kingscliff showing the District Centre at Chinderah, bulky goods
and commercial, residential land, extensive open space and recreational land and habitat protection.

Gales have developed the Structure Plan above over many years, involving eminent town planner Neil Ingham of Ingham Planning, architect Keith Cottier of Alan Jack & Cottier, as well as expert consultants in ecology, retail, hydrology, traffic engineering and many others fields.

The Structure Plan takes into account all known constraints and current planning controls and includes:

1. District (subregional) Centre at Chinderah

  • Integrated mixed-use town centre including higher order retail, bulky goods, commercial, community and recreational services and facilities, including supermarkets, discount department stores, offices, cinema, library, government buildings and community centre.
  • World class contemporary planning and urban design principles to deliver highly a highly accessible, functional and active town centre, with integrated open space and transport networks.
  • Only viable location due to highly accessible location at junction of Pacific Highway and Tweed Coast Road.
  • Reduced traffic in nearby residential streets at Kingscliff and on Pacific Highway heading north to access higher order services at Tweed Heads, reduced traffic on Sexton Hill.
  • Overwhelming community support for a new District Centre at Chinderah (survey carried out in July 2006 showed that over 85% of Tweed Coast residents support a new District Centre at Chinderah).
  • 3,000 full time jobs and a further 2,500 indirect jobs at completion (10-15 years).


A-shoppers.jpg A-orangeeonly.jpg A-eaters.JPG
Tweed Coast Centre town square, open air cafes and resturants, shopping, entertainment, community, medical facilities and bulky goods

2. Extensive Open Space and Recreation

  • Integrated casual open space and parks in urban residential areas, linked by transport networks (roads, footpaths).
  • Landscaped roadways and waterways.
  • Public sports fields and cycleways.
  • Recreation facilities and clubs, including recreational lake, sports fields, health club and gym, tennis club, indoor pool and equestrian centre.

Click here for a full size version of Gales Recreation Structure Plan.

Gales plans for recreation facilities, including recreational lake, sports fields, health club and gym,
tennis club, indoor pool and equestrian centre.

3. Revitalising Kingscliff

  • Development Application lodged for a supermarket, specialty and commercial premises adjacent to the existing Woolworths supermarket at Kingscliff, on Turnock Street.

4. Improved Road Access

  • Direct road access from Tweed Coast Road to Turnock Street, well away from existing residents (Nobel Park Estate) and reducing traffic on residential streets.
  • Direct access from Tweed Coast Road to Ozone Street and Elrond Drive – a “high level” road to provide emergency flood evacuation route for Chinderah.
  • Improved public transport access via node at district town centre.
  • Improved cycleway and footway linkages to all areas.

5. Housing Choice

  • Homes for up to 5,000 people.
  • Range of mixed density and higher density housing forms, in contemporary urban design context including dwellings, duplexes, villas, townhouses, apartments, and town centre housing.
  • Utilise desirable locations close to beach and existing Marine Parade precinct, rather than utilising this land for commercial and other non-residential uses.
  • Housing for older people, including retirement village, in well located, attractive environments.

Gales land will ultimately provide a range of mixed and
higher density housing forms for up to 5,000 people

6. Habitat Protection & Enhancement

  • Protection of significant habitat areas, including rehabilitating habitat for the critically endangered Mitchell’s Rainforest Snail and Wallum Forglet.
  • Restoration and long-term protection of Mitchell’s Snail and other fauna habitat.
  • Protection of other significant vegetation.
  • Ameliorative replanting in Kingscliff and other nearby areas.
  • Creation of environmental facilities for appreciation of environment, including walking tracks and boardwalks. 




Environmentally protected habitat areas 

Walking tracks through protectected habitat

 7. Improved Community Services & Facilities

  • Community centre, library, government offices in sub-regional centre.
  • Improved facilities for emergency service providers.
  • Improved public transport facilities and networks, including public transport node at Chinderah.
  • Provision of civic and recreation spaces, public art display.
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